This library officially opened on January 29th, 2005. Pattaya resident Arlette Cykman donated the building and establishment of the library. She also generously donated the books from two extensive collections that belonged to her late mother, Vera Cykman and her long time friend Maxine North. Upon completion the library and its contents were then donated to the Fr. Ray Foundation, on whose land the library has been built.

    Vera and Maxine were two very well known figures in Bangkok business and society. Maxine came to Thailand 55 years ago, and after suddenly being widowed, went on to establish the first ever water-bottling company "Polaris Water". Among her many philanthropic ventures, she restored the Celadon House in Chiangmai, and she was also a founder of the American Chamber of Commerce and the Foreign Correspondents Club. Vera Cykman came to Thailand in 1949, originally for two months, and stayed for the rest of her life! She opened the first ready made fashion store in Bangkok, "Star of Siam" and went on to open stores in the USA and Hong Kong. Eventually she was exporting wholesale arments throughout the world. She and Jim Thompson were very good friends and he would seek her advice on suitable textiles for the export market and they loved to go antique shopping together.

    The name of the library "North Star" is an amalgamation of the two names. 'North' for Maxine and 'Star' from Vera's business "Star of Siam" and as Pattaya's first multi-language library, this is a lasting and meaningful tribute to these ladies who achieved so much during their lifetime.

    North Star Library is a non - profit making project with all monies being used to assist to run the library and extend the book selection. Under the umbrella of the Fr. Ray Foundation, the Foundation assists to fund the daily running costs as membership fees, and other fees do not cover daily running costs.

    Members of the community are encouraged to use the library as a center for activities, with a small fee payable to cover utility costs.

    The library is open to all members of the community, with a membership fee for borrowing books. Members of the Fr. Ray Foundation, including all the children have free usage.

    The North Star Library actively promotes "reading for learning and enjoyment" for all children, with special priorities given to underprivileged children with structured activity programs.

The North Star Public Library will be an essential part of the communityand serve as a center of community life. The Library will be the place in the community for people of all ages and learn Thai lauguage, lifelong learning, and recreational reading, viewing and listening needs. The Library will promote literacy and the love of learning through programs for people. The Library will respond to the public's evolving needs and expectations to remain relevant and vital to the community.

It is the mission of North Star Public Library to ensure the preservation and transmission of society's knowledge, history and culture, and fiction